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Keaton Zahorsky
eaton Zahorsky

Keaton, a recent computer engineering graduate from the University of Oklahoma, enjoys turning lofty dreams into a reality. Founding Enelis, Inc. combines Keaton's love for empowering others and implementing highly disruptive technologies.

When Keaton is not laboring to make the world a better place, he enjoys recreational slacklining, DJing with his professional audio equipment, participating in Formula One engineering competitions, and perfecting his homemade salsa recipe.

Keaton Zahorsky CEO&Founder
Abhishek Bhandare
Abhishek Bhandare DesignLead
Abhishek Bhandare

Working at the intersection of breathtaking aesthetics and functional design, Abshishek is a freelance artist with an eye for innovation. Abhishek completed his post-graduate education at MIT Institute of Design and is passionate about crafting delightful artwork and brand experiences within the automotive and consumer products industries.

Abhishek has won a multitude of design competitions across diverse fields, including tire design and eyewear, and proudly displays his artwork via his Behance profile and blog. In addition to creating stunning products for Enelis, Abhishek is currently working as a design mentor and content creator in India.

About Us


Founded in a college apartment, Enelis was established by a tight-knit team of engineers with a passion for implementing exciting new technologies with large-scale social and economic impact.

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Enelis seeks to enrich the world by applying technologies which offer convenience, enhanced standard of living, and social unity.


Enelis specializes in the application of cutting-edge technologies and next-generation business strategies within the automotive industry.

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Enelis is in the process of establishing key partnerships, developing prototypes, and securing idea protection. Check back for additional information as new and exciting company developments are released.

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